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Interactive composition/performance with live drawing and electronics


In the following I would like to give an insight into the artistic and technical development of my piece “Waiting for the Night”. This article will be continuously updated and will thus document the development process.

The piece is to be realized by a performer and a draughtswoman.


Technical report


The performer stands on the stage. The projector must be positioned so that the image is projected onto the screen above the performer. There should be no shadow of the performer.

Fig. 1: Technical setup.

Sound analysis

Fig. 2: Spectral analysis in real time.

Live generated sound synthesis

Fig 3: CSound module

Live drawing

Artistic reflection



ByLorenz Lehmann

“OM-LEAD” library


The library “OM-LEAD” is a library for rule-based, computer-generated real-time composition. The considerations and approaches in Joseph Branciforte’s text “FROM THE MACHINE: REALTIME ALGORITHMIC APPROACHES TO HARMONY AND ORCHESTRATION” are the starting point for the development.

The library currently comprises two functions that are written using both CommonLisp and existing functions from the OM package.

In addition, the composition is currently limited in the scope of the parameters to be controlled to the harmonics and the voice leading.

In the future, I would also like to write a function that allows composition on a temporal level with the parameters metrics and cue spacing.

Development: Lorenz Lehmann

Supervision and advice: Prof. Dr. Marlon Schumacher

My sincere thanks for their kind support go to Joseph Branciforte and

Prof. Dr. Marlon Schumacher.

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