Composing in 8 channels with OpenMusic

ByVeronika Reutz

Composing in 8 channels with OpenMusic

Third iteration

The third iteration of the patch works on spatializing the piece through 8 speakers. The speakers are placed in a 3D formation.

To convert the piece from two channels to eight, I had to add several patches that work on spatialization in different ways. Here’s what was done:
1. The first patch was mixed down to one channel, and a trim, repeat and filter process was added. The result is an eight-channel file in which the sound moves from channel one to eight.

The main patch, iteration 3

2. The second patch was brought back and also mixed down. A patch with filtering (phaser, tremolo), repeating and mixing processes was added, expanding the sound to eight channels. This results in a chopped up sound that is split between the channels.
3. The third patch is also mixed down and routed through the same patch as patch two, but adjusted to better match the sound quality and length.

Patch 2
Patch 3

Here is the final result:

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