ISAC-2024 – International Sonosfera Ambisonics Competition


ISAC-2024 – International Sonosfera Ambisonics Competition

Call for Submission of 3D electroacoustic compositions

– Competition Concert – SONOSFERA, Pesaro – March 15th 2024
– Final concert – ESPACE DE PROJECTION, IRCAM, Paris – March 22nd 2024


After the success of the first edition of ISAC-2023, which resulted in more than 100 compositions by 77 candidates from 26 countries, IRCAM Centre Pompidou and Pesaro UNESCO Creative City of Music are proud to announce their collaborative effort for this new edition of the ISAC-2024 competition.

The confluence of IRCAM’s 30th Forum Anniversary and Pesaro’s designation as Italian Capital of Culture 2024, presents a unique opportunity for the competition winners. They will have the privilege to travel from Pesaro to Paris, experiencing the world-renowned public facilities for High-Order Ambisonics (HOA) acousmatic listening: Sonosfera® and Espace de Projection.

ISAC-2023 Steering Committee 

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